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 Van Gogh was a world famous painter. Vincent was born on march 30 1853 in Zundert Holland Vincent became an art dealer apprentice, but decided to become a pastor, like his father. in 1879 Vincents extreme self-martyrdom way of preaching was considered unacceptable and he was dismissed from preaching by his superiors. after preaching he gave away all of his possessions and spent a year in solitude in a hovel. when he returned he decided to become an artist and moved in with his parents and lived with them for two years. he then moved in with his brother Theo who had become an art dealer. Vincent was entirely financially dependent on his brother. his favorite color was yellow and he used it in the majority of his paintings. in 1886 he had a fit of epilepsy and attacked his friend with a razor, but he ended up cutting off a portion of his earlobe. he later gave the part of his ear to his girlfriend at the time sien. at age 37 he committed suicide by shooting himself
throughout Vincent’s life he was known for having mental instability. he had cases of ellipsy, depression, and delusions. Vincent’s signs of having bipolar disorder appeared during the last few years of his life. there were times when Vincent was highly enthusiastic and dedicated to religion. during these times, he was also very productive with his paintings. these periods were followed by periods of depression and he would become extremely exhausted. Vincent drank a lot of Thujone which was popular among artists at the time. Thujone is a highly toxic alcoholic beverage. it is said that Vincent’s drinking made his manic depression worse. on July 27, 1890 Vincent shot himself in the chest in a wheat field. he returned to his home and died two days later.

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