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Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley)

Captain Norval Sinclair Marley was a small-boned person. He was a supervisor of Crown Lands land company, owned by the British Government which had invaded Jamaica since the 1660's which is located north of the island. He bears the rank of commander of the base may now be in the British West Indies Regiment. One time he met with Cendella, an indigenous woman who had her heart charming when he was visiting the district of Nine Miles. Their relationship became a local gossip as Ras. 

In the May 1944 cedella surprise his family for being pregnant. So at last Friday conducted between Norval with Cendella marriage and the day after their wedding, Cendella was evacuated to Kingston to avoid smearing his name as the beneficiary families. 

And eventually Cendella gave birth to a child named Robert Nesta Marley was born at 2:30 pm, Wednesday, in February 1945 with a weight of six half-pound (3.25 kg) in Nine Miles. It is said that on the night of his birth, many people see a few meteors fall, which he believed would be born a great leader. 

In 1950 Cendella moved to Trench Town - Kingston. Marley began to interact with street gangs who then goes into gang called "The Rudeboys. Although small-boned like his father, but because of his strength he was nicknamed "Tuff Gong". 

After Marley dropped out of school he became interested in music. In early 1962 Bob Marley, Bunny Livingston, Peter McIntosh, Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso and Cherry Smith formed the ska and rocksteady group called "The Teenager" which later turned into The Wailing Rudeboys and changed again to The Wailing Wailer and eventually became The Wailers . 

In 1977, Bob Marley convicted of skin cancer, but hidden from the public. Bob Marley returned to Jamaica in 1978, and issued survival album in 1979 was followed by a successful European tour. 

Bob Marley perform two shows at Madison Square Garden in order to embrace blacks in the United States. However, on 21 September 1980, Bob Marley collapsed while jogging in NYC's Central Park. Cancer had spread to the brain, lungs and stomach. Even this reggae singer finally breathed his last at Miami Hospital on May 11, 1981 at the age of 36, leaving behind a wife and five children. 

Pins through Jamaica sunlight you can select the part of the story about Marley, among others: about grief, love, understanding, and Godgiven talent. 

Two decades after his death, Imensitas (oversize) Bob Marley put it into one of the greatest figures of transcendence through the centuries. Ripples that he sounded crossing the stream of his music into the ocean of politics, ethics, style filsfat, and religion (Rastafaria). Bob Marley is inserted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Time magazine chose Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus as the greatest album of the 20th century. in 2001 he won a Grammy Lifetime Achivement Award. 
In the same year then the movie of documentary about his life made ​​by Jeremy Marre, Rebel Music, was nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video documentary at the Grammies and other awards for several categories. With contributions from Rita, the Wailers, and the lover and his son, the film tells the story of Marley, who also accompanied the words of Marley himself. In the summer of 2006, City of New York gave a separate award to Bob Marley by giving the name of the street church from the road on Ramsen to East 98th street the eastern became "Marley Boulevard". And many more awards that Bob Marley got. 

Bob Marley's life story is an archetype, that's why his works timeless and continues to resonate. Bob Marley talks about political repression, metaphysical and artistic insights, well-being and what is bothering him. "No Women No Cry" will continue to wipe tears from the face of a widow "Exodus" will still bring up the knight, "Redemtion Song" will still be a cry for emancipation against all tirrani, "Waiting in Vaint" will still be exciting, and "One Love "will continue to be an international hymn for the unity of humanity in the world beyond the limits, beyond beliefs, in which each person will be aware and learn. 

Bob Marley is not just a music star who most of his international record-breaking records, but he also becomes a moral and religious figure. Bob Marley In addition we should also recognize that many musicians are superior to the discovery of instrumental, vocal style of musical composition, and so on. but only Bob Marley who can make us see the thousands of people from Mexico hpi, Maori of New Zealand and even his community in Indonesia (Jogjakarta and Bali), gather each year to honor him. 

Many fans around the world to imitate hairstyles his dreadlock as fanatic, although not a few who imitate Bob Marley dreadlock as affected by voyeurism, when in fact Bob Marley dreadlock as part of a doctrine of the Rastafarian faith, and not from praying of celebrity idol. In general, in Indonesia, or may be your country too, the figure of Bob Marley much identified with marijuana, but marijuana is part of the ritual and teachings of Rastafarian and Bob Marley is a believer. Naturally, when he consumes, making poetry, and sing.

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