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Marilyn Monroe Sexy Celebrity Ever

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeanne on June 1 1926. Her mother was Gladys Baker, she never knew her father. Marilyn’s mother had psychological problems and was committed to a mental institution. Then on Marilyn lived in and out of orphanages and foster homes until the age of sixteen. She married Jimmy Doherty at sixteen so she wouldn’t have to return the orphanage. She was discovered by David Conover when she was working at Radio Plane Munitions factory. Then after she received modeling jobs. She divorced Jimmy in 1946 and signed her first contract with Twentieth Century Fox Norma  changed her name to Marilyn Monroe burrowing her grandmother’s last name Monroe..
In 1948, Monroe signed a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures and was introduced to the studio's head drama coach Natasha Lytess, who became her acting coach for several years.[29] Monroe was soon cast in a major role in the low-budget musical Ladies of the Chorus (1948). Monroe was capitalized as one of the film's bright spots, and the film enjoyed only moderate success.[30] During her short stint at Columbia, studio head Harry Cohn softened her appearance somewhat by correcting a slight overbite she had.
After the release of the poorly reviewed Ladies of the Chorus and being dropped by Columbia, Monroe had to struggle to find work. She particularly wanted film work, and when the offers didn't come, she returned to modeling. In 1949, she caught the eye of photographer Tom Kelley, who convinced her to pose nude. Monroe was laid out on a large fabric of red silk and posed for countless shots. She was paid $50 and signed the model release form as "Mona Monroe". This was the only time that Monroe was paid for her nude posing.
In 1961 after she had divorced her third husband Aurther Miller, there were rumors that she was having an affair with the President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy. It is also a rumor that she had an affair with Frank Sinatura
Symptoms that Monroe had was her lack of interest in things she enjoyed doing. Marilyn became more and more late for movie sets and sometimes didn’t show up at all. Due to miscarriages Monroe seeked drugs and alcohol as an escape from the depression. Marilyns divorce from Arthur Miller was a cause of her depression. After the breakup she tried to seek solitude but reporters were so eager to talk to her. One reporter even chipped her tooth by accidently shoving a microphone into her mouth. An event that also heightened her depression was the loss of her friend and co-star in the film “The Misfits” Clark Gable. This became severe when Clarks Kay Gable widow blamed Marilyn for his death. Marilyns thoughts of killing a person she deeply admired was to much to bear. She was briefly committed to a mental hospital during the filming of Somethings Got to Give. Two months later Marilyn was found dead in her home in Los Angeles surrounded by sleeping pills. Her cause of death was an overdose and is possibly

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